“Arizona Anomalies” Alien Highway

Sedona has the reputation of being at the center of a variety of UFO sightings. With over 300 sightings a year statewide, what makes Arizona such a magnet?

Let’s start with the Phoenix Lights, these sightings gained much attention in 1997 when they were seen by over 10,000 people across Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico. The 2 original sightings remain unexplained. There was a triangular formation of amber-colored lights the size of a Boeing 747 and also a series of stationary lights seen over Phoenix that the Air Force identified as flares dropped by an aircraft during training exercises. There was minimal news coverage at the time of these incidents. A small number of local outlets reported it but a USA Today story brought national attention to the case. The governor attempted to diffuse the event by appearing at a press conference in an alien costume.

This didn’t make the episode, but we interviewed a man named Greg that specialized in flares to debunk the flare explanation. He described in detail that flares don’t glide across the sky, they sizzle and emit smoke. The light on the craft was self-contained. It had no buzz or engine hum and it moved effortlessly.

Dr Lynn Kitei-Has 35MM film of the Phoenix Lights

Dr. Lynn Kitei is super informative and has become a spokeswoman for the Phoenix Lights. As the only person to catch evidence of it on 35 mm film, she left her medical career as a physician to study the event, it changed her life in a way that she now dedicates her time to researching UFOs.

Sedona is known for its several vortexes/vortices that are thought to be extremely strong points where ley lines intersect. The energy at these sites is magnified and is said to create vortexes of energy similar to chakras in the human body. Psychic abilities are said to be magnified and a feeling of rejuvenation is reported. During filming, I spent a lot of time standing on the Airport Mesa vortex. The 360 views of the mountains were amazing, it makes one feel more relaxed and connected to nature. Are people feeling those sweet nature vibes and panoramic views and attributing it to the idea of a vortex? Or is the Earth’s magnetic field and the energy harbored within the red rocks interacting with our temporal lobe to produce a sense of presence and calmness? Everyone experiences the vortices differently. My 2nd time in Sedona I had the time to meditate on 2 of them and I felt a difference then, but I was also meditating haha. In what way can we prove that an alleged magical vortex exists and do they have anything to do with UFOs?? Is Sedona just a mecca for New Agers or does the energy in this area create a thinner veil that gives us access to a multiverse? Are people made more aware through these vortices and or are UFO’s/ET’s attracted to this energy as a useful commodity?

The correlation between vortices and the high concentration of UFO sightings is something to take note of. Sedona is so active that nightly UFO tours are held. Are people made more aware through these vortices and or are UFO’s/ET’s attracted to this enemy as a useful commodity?

The Bradshaw Ranch is another area of high strangeness near Sedona. Mysterious orbs of light, sudden bright flashes with no discernible cause, barely glimpsed shadow people, accounts of a 5-foot tall bipedal lizard/dinosaur creature that left reptilian tracks, even sightings of Bigfoot. Readings taken at the ranch have shown a much stronger magnetic field than the surrounding area. Conspiracy theories arose when sometime in 2003 the U.S. government purchased the property and closed it off from the rest of the world with no explanation. Rumored to be patrolled by the government, the ranch is said to be an inter-dimensional window to which UFO activity and creatures freely travel through. The secluded ranch was once a Western movie set owned by photographer/actor/stuntman Bob Bradshaw. Fun fact: Bradshaw was one of the first official Marlboro men for their commercials! We spoke with witnesses that have seen the government’s presence on the property. Cory, a local cowboy tour guide in the area told us that he witnessed a military presence, a large number of military vehicles, and armed guards appearing in the forest out of nowhere, even confronting hikers. While we were there with another local named Lena, as we were all standing on a hill with a view of the ranch in front of us, she and Chuck saw a shadow pass above the trees, immediately after we heard the metal creaking sound of either the windmill moving or a gate being opened. The most fascinating experience was when all of us saw a bright red light that looked like a planet above the mountain ridge. There were no flight paths in the area and no cloud coverage. The bright ball of light appeared out of nowhere and within seconds it disappeared. Damn, I wish I had seen a dinosaur that night.

Bradshaw Ranch