“Roswell Recovery” Alien Highway

The most publicized and well-known UFO incident took place in Corona, New Mexico. Yes, I’m referring to the 1947 Corona Incident, also known as Roswell, a place I never imagined my fancy teal cowboy boots stepping through.

Chuck Zukowski is well versed with Roswell’s past through his obsessive research and constant pilgrimages to the area. These expeditions enable him to befriend Glenn Dennis, the mortician who received calls from the Roswell Army Air Field about how to handle “small bodies”. He gives Chuck the actual coordinates to the main debris site, where we filmed. Chuck’s interviewed Jesse Marcel Jr’s son, who saw the actual debris when his dad brought some home, and he interviewed Mac Brazel’s daughter. Years ago, during a dig at the debris site, Chuck and his sister, Debbie, found an odd piece of metal they later had Bigelow’s lab analyze. If you want to learn more about this finding and analysis read Chuck’s book The 37th Parallel.

I wasn’t expecting to make any new discoveries during this episode since it’s been covered quite extensively. I started to brainstorm: What are we going to do that’s different? How about adding a hand-drawn map from the 1940s into the mix?! Thank goodness for Chuck’s ties with government informants! He acquired a hand-drawn map by the rancher who hid debris. Dan Zukowski even had it carbon-dated to be sure it was legitimate. Our investigation turned the focus on finding this undisclosed location. We wondered if the military didn’t capture all of the debris from the wreckage. The debris sat for several days before anyone in the government was alerted to its presence. It’s plausible that if other ranchers or locals knew about this, they might take a piece.

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The cave search begins..

Chuck contacted his old pal and Roswell expert, Don Schmitt, to give us some direction in finding the cave. Rumor has it that in the late 1940s a young boy named Dan Richards had a habit of hiding junk in caves on his family’s property. This information has been passed down in his family for decades. Schmitt informs us about the Richards Ranch, which adjoins the Foster Ranch, where the original debris was found.

We’re greeted by a descendant of Dan Richards named Red. He shows us an area that looks like it was once a cave that had been blown up. When he was a kid, his great grandparents advised him to stay away from that area. Red says he’s never tried to find the caves due to his family not wanting them explored. Yet, I believe he’s holding back details.

Suddenly, Dan finds a small hole in the ground and the digging process begins. The Zukowski’s do all the digging while I rig a camera to go into the opening of the cave. Stalactites could be seen on top of the cave. This could be a really big cave! Just as we are getting close Red checks on our progress and orders us to stop digging. If there really is hidden debris in this cave, it could certainly draw attention to his family. This discovery fueled our curiosity and we couldn’t believe that we had to stop. Who knows what we could have found?! This moment could have been added to history books.

Sandy Proctor Interview

Details we obtain during our interview with Sandy Proctor, Dee Proctor’s younger brother. A surreal experience confirming misinformation stated in books and interviews. We were able to discredit the rumors that the Proctor family still had debris.

  • His parents have a UFO sighting before the 1947 crash
  • The military did comb the area picking up any pieces they could find and they did threaten people
  • Sandy describes what his mother told him about the debris. The material resembled foil from a pack of cigarettes and it retained its shape once crumpled
  • At the time Dee wasn’t interested in the wreckage-ranches always had junk lying around
  • Loretta Proctor saw the wreckage and the description is consistent with the way the debris has always been described
  • Confirmation and insight into Mac Brazel’s character and validity of his story
  • Brazel was told not to talk about the incident. He was a butcher and wanted a meat locker. He was set up with one near an Air Force base
  • No original person that’s seen the wreckage is alive today
  • Proctors never kept debris
  • Stanton Friedman’s account was the truest-he never varied from the true story

Roswell will remain one of the most intriguing UFO incidents. It’s sparked 74 years of conspiracy theories and has left us with many unanswered questions. Do you think after we left the ranch that Red starting digging where we left off?

Pictured above: Interesting affidavits from my visit at the UFO Museum.